Having a good education is crucial for successful pet ownership. Here are some educational resources that can help you and your feline companions.



  • Your Cat's Mouth & Teeth


  • What's in your Cat's Mouth


  • What is Good Healthcare for Cats


  • Stress Triggers for Cats


  • How to Identify Inappropriate Elimination in Cats


  • How to Habituate your Cat to a Carrier


  • Cats & Heartworm Disease


  • 5 Mouser Myths Debunked


  • 4 Tips for Bringing your Cat to the Veterinarian


  • Breaking the Ice - Bringing Home a New Cat


  • Tom, Meet Geri - New Cat Introductions


  • Claws - Controlling the Damage


  • Full House - Living Peaceably with Cats & Dogs


  • Turbulent Tabbies - Resolving Feline Aggression Part I


  • Cats on Edge - Resolving Feline Aggression Part II


  • By Tooth & Nail - Resolving Household Destruction