Leaving Home: Snow Globe Café Book Three

Leaving Home: Snow Globe Café Book Three

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At twenty-six, Emery Cooper appears to have it all. Not only is she the co-CEO of Sugar Jones, LLC, but she also built her own business helping other professionals manage their online presence and marketing.

When her best friend and business partner Sugar Jones moves to a small mountain town to run the Snow Globe Cafe, everyone assumes Emery will follow.

Torn between being with her best friend or staying in sunny San Diego, Emery knows she needs to give Sugar time to acclimate to her new surroundings. Still, once someone makes an offer she can't refuse on her condo in San Diego, she moves temporarily to the small town.

The last thing she needs is Sugar's half brother Alec complicating things by giving her butterflies and making her think that maybe romance is something that could happen to her. She can hardly stay away when she agrees to help Sugar reunite him with his twin, who have been feuding for years.

Alec Larsson is as close as a crowned princess as a man can get without being in a royal family. The only son of Eric Larsson, he was expected to take over the family's luxury hotel business. Forging his own path in the business he found his place, but he can't help but think about his first love - photography.

He also doesn't believe in getting all wrapped up in love, but when he meets Emery Cooper little by little she's changing his heart on that subject. Kind, generous, and beautiful she's the type of girl he'd go for in a heartbeat if he were looking, even if she won't let the subject of his twin Madison - or his photography - drop.

Leaving home is about two people who, due to past experiences, are a little reluctant when it comes to love. Those of us in the know realize there's nowhere better than the Snow Globe Café to eat a perfect pastry and experience a change of heart!