Finding Home: Snow Globe Café Book Two

Finding Home: Snow Globe Café Book Two

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Internet Star Sugar Jones appears to have it all - a successful business, a kind daughter, a loyal best friend, and her mom who loves her more than anything. Her world is flipped on its head when her mom reconnects with Sugar's father, a man she's never met.

Eric, her father, isn't the horrible man she thought he was, and she must now adjust to a whole new town, family, and people. Trust is not her thing, especially since she lived through horrible bullying most of her childhood due to things out of her control.

There’s so much change in her life right now, and to top it all off she gets to go through this during the holiday season. She's taking over her grandfather's cafe, about to be on a national holiday baking television show, and is still dealing with leftover guilt over her husband's death. The last thing Sugar needs is someone like Jackson Anderson coming into her life.

Jackson is perfectly fine with where he is in life. Building his business and having a good time is all he needs. He plans to start a family later in life, just like his father did. Jackson's world is turned upside down when the talented and beautiful Sugar Jones comes to town, the long-lost daughter of one of his business partners.

The attraction is immediate, but Sugar isn't the type of girl he usually dates. Sugar has a child, and she's tied to the family business. No matter how hard he tries he can't stay away, and when he hears about how some of her internet fans can get a little creepy, he knows he'll do anything to protect Sugar and her daughter Violet, a little girl who immediately steals his heart.

Finding Home is the aftermath of Becca and Eric reuniting, and puts to test the notion that love really does conquer all, especially when paired with a pastry from the Snow Globe Cafe.