Wee Bee Jammin


About Wee Bee Jammin 

Since 2008 wee have been creating artisan jams in northern Michigan  specializing in high fruit premium products. Wee pride ourselves in supporting local farmers and organic gardeners that produce their fruit the way nature intended. Wee also hand pick wild berries in season including thimbleberries, blackberries and blueberries. 

Our jam has no preservatives, just pure and natural ingredients, fruit, sugar and sometimes pectin and/or spices.

Wee also have our own honey bees and use organic methods in harvesting our honey. Our honey is unpastuerized and lightly filtered leaving all the beneficial elements intact.

Why is our jam and honey so good?  It’s a labor of love and happy hearts! Wee have a strong passion for what wee do, our product names are light hearted and wee’re having fun. Wee hope you’ll join us along our jam journey!